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  1. Oliver Language Training

  2. TOEFL / SAT / Academic preparation

  3. Art & Craft

  4. Theatrical Make Up Class

  5. Summer intensive

  6. American cinema workshop

  7. Tennis

Parents corner

If your child arrives in Los Angeles International Airport, he or she will be met in the arrival hall by trained Oliver staff, identifiable by their "Oliver Camp" t-shirts. Oliver couriers travel with the students to the camp, where they are met by the camp staff. This high level of supervision is maintained throughout the course and includes the departure day, up to the point where the students enter the airport departure lounge.

Airport transfers are arranged by Oliver on standard dates and times.
Standard arrival times: Sundays 11:00hrs – 19:00hrs
Standard departure times: Sundays 13:00hrs – 19:00hrs

Outside of standard times a personal taxi service is available.

Please note: in order for Oliver travel to arrange a transfer, Oliver must receive full ticket information at least 14 days before the date of travel. If these details are not received, the transfer may be cancelled.

In case of emergency, parents should call: +1-888-688-4091.

Phones and e-mails
We know how important for you to be able to keep in touch with your child, so we are not prohibit cell-phones to call home, but only after classes. E-mail access is also provided by the camp.

Our program includes laundry service once a week. We highly recommend making your child’s name on the personal articles.

Pocket money
Upon arrival, students may deposit their money in the camp bank for safekeeping and withdraw money as needed.

Medical assistance and insurance
Oliver International Summer Camp has a health center and 24/7 first aid care on-site to ensure the health of our students.

If your child has any chronic medical concerns, allergies, special dietary needs or other requirements, simply notify us writing at the time of registration. If your child plans to bring their own medicine to the camp, please send it with him/her, along with a full instruction on its correct use.

All Oliver students are covered by a standard insurance for medical assistance, which isn't included in the price of the program.