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Getting ready

  1. Oliver Language Training

  2. TOEFL / SAT / Academic preparation

  3. Art & Craft

  4. Theatrical Make Up Class

  5. Summer intensive

  6. American cinema workshop

  7. Tennis

Getting ready

List of what to bring

Prepare for good and bad weather and bring enough warm clothes and a pair of good walking shoes.

Please bring enough soap, toothpaste etc. for your stay and include a swimming towel as well as one for personal use.

We recommend that you bring about 100$ pocket money for one week. Please note that under no circumstances can money be borrowed from other students or the school.

Please bring a sufficient supply of any medication you may need and let us know, preferably in advance, why you have to take it, how much and how often (please bring clear, written instructions from your doctor).

Sports equipment
• Suitable sportswear
• Footwear for sports halls
• Swimwear and towel
• A sports bag
Other equipment
• a good dictionary, notepad and a pen