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English classes

  1. Oliver Language Training

  2. TOEFL / SAT / Academic preparation

  3. Art & Craft

  4. Theatrical Make Up Class

  5. Summer intensive

  6. American cinema workshop

  7. Tennis

English classes

20/32 lessons per week. Maximum class size – 8/10

Every morning the students develop their accuracy in speaking, listening, reading and writing. They have 4 lessons before lunch 5 days per week. Afternoon workshops (3 lessons) are designed to encourage fluency and build confidence in speaking the language. You can choose from Summer Intensive course, American cinema workshop, TOEFl / SAT/ Academic preparation. If you don’t want to be back in the classroom after lunch, you can choose from variety of different sport options (football, tennis or multi-sport program).

The late afternoon program gives the students a chance to participate in cultural and leisure activities which further enhance their learning experience.


We strongly believe that the success of learning efforts depends on a teaching team. All our English teachers have a University degree in Teaching English as a second language and at least 5 years of experience. Our summer camp faculty is experienced in teaching young people of various ages and applies different techniques and activities that speak to every age group.

Lessons are designed to develop accuracy, encourage confidence and fluency, and are taught in small groups with a maximum of 8 students per class (7-10 years old), or 10 for the rest of the camp. From beginner to advanced level, our highly motivated teachers specialize in helping ambitious students achieve the results they desire.

Teaching materials
Oliver Language Training teaching materials are designed for each age group. Every student will get a kit (student’s book and workbook) at the first day of the course.

6 levels
Every student takes a placement test on the first day of classes in order to find out their language level. After the test they are placed into one of 6 levels, from very beginner to proficiency.

• Beginners ( Levels A1-A2)
• Intermediate (Levels B1-B2)
• Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 (Levels C1-C2)

Each student will receive a certificate detailing accomplishments realized during his/her stay on the last day of the session.