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  1. Oliver Language Training

  2. TOEFL / SAT / Academic preparation

  3. Art & Craft

  4. Theatrical Make Up Class

  5. Summer intensive

  6. American cinema workshop

  7. Tennis



Our students say:

“There were a lot of activities to do. We were always busy. And Excursions were really good”.  Peter, Switzerland, 14 years old

“My favorite part of being at the Oliver Camp was journalism workshop. We issued the camp newspaper every week. It was so much fun!”
Anna, Brazil, 16 years old

“I had the best summer in my life! My favorite part was that we visited so many places in California. I’m definitely coming next year.”
Helmut, Germany, 12 years old

“The best part for me was opportunity to meeting people from all over the world. I learned more English in four weeks than in my whole life in school at home. My roommate, Akiko, was from Japan. She was absolutely great and we keep in touch with her.”
Lucia, Spain, 14 years old.

“My counselor Samantha always helped us. She was like my big sister. In my room I had a girl from Spain. We spoke English and my English was even better than her. I helped her with her homework. It was a lot of fun.”
Katrina, Poland, 11 years old.