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  1. Oliver Language Training

    Unforgettable holidays in California!

  2. TOEFL / SAT / Academic preparation

    Unforgettable holidays in California! 

  3. Art & Craft

    Unforgettable holidays in California!

  4. Theatrical Make Up

  5. Summer intensive

  6. American cinema workshop

  7. Tennis

Why choose Oliver

1. Maximum 8/10 students per class  
2. High quality language classes (up to 23 hours of tuition)  
3. Courses for all ages from 7 to 17  
4. Dynamic teachers  
5. High level of supervision  
6. Excellent food and accommodation


English Classes

Every morning the students develop their accuracy in speaking, listening, reading and writing. They have 4 lessons before lunch 5 days per week. Afternoon workshops are designed to encourage fluency and build confidence in speaking the language. You can choose from Summer Intensive course, American cinema workshop, TOEFl / SAT/ Academic preparation.


Sport and Cultural workshops

The Oliver International Camp program combines English language tuition with a choice of sports and activities, to create a fun-packed holiday that you will remember forever. We offer a range of courses and the flexibility to change course each week as desired.